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Toddlerhood is an exciting stage in a child's development. It is a time when language, social, physical and cognitive skills begin to flourish.

It is also a time when children begin to exert their developing sense of independence. They’re bursting with energy, ideas and questions about their world, but they don’t yet have the language skills to express themselves. 

They enjoy playing alongside their peers but not yet adept at sharing toys, resolving arguments and respecting the needs and rights of others. 

Our Toddler Program works to strengthen all aspects of your growing toddler’s development:

    •    Language – Talking, reading stories, listening to each child and supporting them to find the words they need to express their thoughts, singing songs and role-modelling are some of ways in which we help children to develop their language skills.

    •    Creative Expression – Painting, drawing, dress-ups, home-corner, props, music and dancing are part of your child’s daily experiences to encourage creative expression and imagination. 

    •    Physical skills – Toddlers have boundless energy and are always on the move. We aim to create an environment which allows plenty of opportunity for toddlers to expend their energy and to develop co-ordination skills.

    •    Social interaction – Learning to share and to relate to others is a huge learning curve for most toddlers.  Being part of a group and with the help of experienced staff, children develop social competence and confidence in interacting with other people.

    •    Emotional Security – Helping children overcome separation anxiety, helping them to achieve success in accomplishing simple tasks, acknowledging their feelings and providing lots of hugs and cuddles are all part of our Toddler Program.

    •    Cognitive Development - Toddlers are natural explorers.  The toddler rooms are set up to allow them to explore, investigate, experiment and problem solve in a safe and supportive environment. 

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