The Starfish Room Science Experiment

During the past weeks we have had many new friends and existing friend’s transition into the pre-school room. Educators have been observing the children’s hand washing techniques and planned a science experiment to raise awareness in the room, as to why it is important to wash our hands.

Our experiment started off with a group discussion, the educators asked the children why they thought it was important to wash their hands. Many of them looked with curiosity and anticipation as they listened and took turns at providing a response to the teacher’s questions.

Why should we wash our hands? 

When should we wash our hands?

What happens if we do not wash our hands?

After the children gave their responses to the teacher, the teacher asked that half of the children stand up and wash their hands, with the teacher modelling correct hand washing procedures. The half of the group did NOT wash their hands. Once the children finished washing their hands, they sat down with the teacher and passed a piece of bread around to the children that had washed their hands. The teacher then assisted the children to wrap the bread in cling wrap. This process was repeated with the children that did NOT wash their hands. The teacher then placed the bread on the wall for the children to observe over the course of the next 2 weeks. The children were able to recognise significant growth of germs and bacteria on the bread during days 5 and 10.

Download the PDF over at the Toronto Events page  to see more pictures of the experiment, and the difference between the bread touched by the washed and non washed hands.