How to make a CD balloon hovercraft

This simple science activity is a fun way to explore how things work. See how fast you can make your balloon hovercraft go!

You will need


  • 1 x balloon

  • 1 x CD

  • 1 x pop-up water bottle lid

  • superglue or a hot glue gun



  • Glue the water bottle lid to the CD, so that the two holes match up - i.e. the opening of the lid should sit over the central hole in the CD.

  • Now push the pop-up lid to the closed position.

  • Blow up the balloon. Without letting it deflate (tricky) stretch the opening of the balloon over the top of the pop-up lid - just over the push-up bit.

  • Find a nice big empty space on the floor (tiles or floorboards, it won't work on carpet) and pull the pop-up lid to the open position. Set the hovercraft on the floor and watch it slide around.

Follow the link to watch the video:,science-experiments