Fire Captain Doug helps with safety drills at Riverview

Mayfield West Fire Captain and crew joined Riverview in their Emergency Drills

Over the last two weeks, the children at My Kindys Riverview have participated in emergency drills.  We practise a variety of drill procedures so the children are well prepared in the event of a real emergency.  We have completed standard fire drills, lock down for possible intruders and a severe storm warning. 

In practising these drills each term, the children become familiar with the process. This helps them to remain calm and more importantly safe. The siren sounds and everyone is in action.  During a standard drill, all children assemble at the emergency assembly point in the car park.  Our nursery children are placed into an emergency cot and safely moved to the muster point, whilst our toddler children are directed by holding onto a loop handled rope and our preschool children are encouraged to hold hands with a peer.

As we approached the last of our drills for this term, we contacted Mayfield West Fire Station and asked if they would like to come and watch as the children evacuated the centre.  The Crew Captain Doug and one of his team came to assist.  After the drill was complete,  Doug and Chris were happy to have a few photos taken with the children and educators.  Doug told the children what a great job they had all done.