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Our Mission Statement

My Kindy aims to make learning a fun, exciting and enjoyable experience and to provide excellence in care and education of young children. 


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy weaves together the values, beliefs and goals that represent who we are and who we want to become.  It is formulated with the input from Educators, families, children and management and reviewed on a 

regular basis.


In relation to Children:

We acknowledge that the early childhood years are a time of tremendous learning and growth and believe that children come into this world with a natural curiosity to learn about the world around them. 


We acknowledge and value each child’s uniqueness and understand that each one comes with his/her own interests, strengths and views about the world.  We believe that it is important to honour their sense of wonder, 

encourage their curiosity, and support their interests and views.


We believe children develop understanding in many different ways but they learn best in an environment where they feel safe, secure and confident.  Therefore, we believe in creating an environment in which children feel a 

sense of belonging, are free to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions with the confidence that they will be respected and heard. 


The foundation of our program is built on children’s strengths, abilities and interests to promote learning and nurture a positive sense of self.  We place a strong emphasis on providing children with an environment in which 

they have the opportunity to explore, experiment, ask questions, and acquire knowledge about the world around them through the provision of open ended and engaging experiences that challenge and motive them to learn and 

discover.  Our learning environments are designed to foster children’s holistic growth in all areas of their development. 


We believe that children need sufficient time to practice and refine their skills and that routines should be unhurried and responsive to the individual needs of children.  We provide opportunities for children to revisit experiences to 

build on the knowledge and skills.


Our educational programs and practices are underpinned by the principles of the Early Year Learning Framework (EYLF) which recognises children as capable, competent, powerful, resourceful, curious and active learners who 

learn best through warm and supportive relationships.


We believe that early childhood education plays an important role in preparing children for school. We aim to develop and broaden the range of children’s learning experiences, to leave them confident, eager and enthusiastic 

learners who are ready to take the next step in their education.


We strongly believe in the United Nations Rights of the Child and endeavour to uphold, to promote and to be an advocate for the rights at all times to all children, families and the community.


We believe that all children have a right to quality education with a program that reflects their individual needs and development, supporting a child to reach their full potential.


Our programs support inclusion of children with additional needs, liaising with external agencies when required. 


In relation to Families:

We acknowledge, value and respect the uniqueness of each family and the wonderful opportunities this provides the centre.  We believe our programs are enriched through the active participation of families.  Families are 

encouraged and supported to be engaged with the centre through sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences and values. 


Because home experiences are so significant in a child’s life, we feel it is important to maintain continuity between the home and the centre.  To this end, open and honest communication between families and educators is valued as 

a key factor in developing a mutually trusting partnership with families.


We see families as partners in the children’s learning process and their input in all facets of the program is encouraged, supported and valued. 


We believe that individual differences should be celebrated on an everyday basis throughout the learning environment. 


In relation to Educators:

We acknowledge that educators bring with them a unique blend of skills, knowledge and experiences. Each educator plays a valuable role in assisting the children in reaching their developmental milestones.


We believe that the strength of our program lies in the dedication and commitment of our educators. They are ethical in their conduct and passionate about bringing out the best in each child.  


Educators are supported in their role by providing a strong, supportive and experienced leadership, effective systems and procedures, and a friendly and productive work environment. 


We believe a strong cohesive team is essential and that it involves open communication, cooperation and respect.  


We aim to maintain an environment in which educators feel valued and respected as professionals, and a sense of belonging is fostered.  Educators are encouraged to share and incorporate their individual culture, interests and strengths into the program.


We recognise that professional development is an ongoing process and place a strong emphasis for each educator to continue developing and building upon their existing skills. Staff training plans are developed through regular appraisals. 


In relation to the Community:

We believe the centre is an integral part of the wider community. We aim to establish and maintain strong networks with other organisations to enhance our programs.


We believe that through active participation within the community we can act as social advocates for children, helping the broader community understand the importance of early childhood. We maintain links and data about 

specialists and support agencies in the local community, allowing us to support children and families through referrals and general information when required.


We acknowledge the Darkinjung tribe, as the traditional custodians of the land in which Toronto Early Learning Centre is located. My Kindys offers respect to the Darkinjung tribe of the past, present and future.


In relation to the Environment:

We recognise the important role the environment plays in children’s learning and behaviour. We aim to create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, organised and uncluttered.


Children are encouraged to make their own decisions about their play, with areas provided for a range of play experiences. Individual needs for rest and relaxation are met through flexible routines and resources.


We believe the early years are an ideal time to develop in children a moral responsibility to look after the environment.  Sustainable practises are embedded in the services procedures and programs, and are further promoted through intentional teaching experiences as well as spontaneous moments.

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