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Welcome to the Wonderful World of My Kindy

Everything we do is underlain by one core principle, that is - to honour the trust that families place in us to provide the very best care and education for their children. Our Child Care Centres provide safe nurturing environments in which children can learn and grow under the loving care and guidance of exceptional early childhood professionals.

• Extended hours to assist families meet their work commitments.
• Highly qualified and experienced staff who are skilled in bringing out the best in each child.
• Innovative Preschool Programs to provide a foundation for future learning
• Rather than take our word for it, come and see for yourself by visiting any one of our child care centres.

Garden Suburb

Where care and learning come together.

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Freedom to explore, experiment, question and create.

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Merewether Heights

Training young minds to think.

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Developing a love of learning.

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Building strong foundations for future learning.

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The Junction

Opening early 2018!

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What people are saying...

  • “My Kindy Shortland has a great atmosphere and friendly staff who pay attention to detail in helping all children in different areas.  My child enjoys her time and is learning and developing social skills needed for life.”

  • “I love the School Readiness program at My Kindy Shortland.”

  • “I love the fact that the programs focus on what the children are interested in at the time. The staff are friendly, helpful and always happy to share their knowledge and experience. Makes going to work easier knowing he is in a happy place and well looked after.”

  • “My Kindy is a great preschool. Our daughter has learnt so much since she started and we would recommend the centre to any parent wishing to enrol their child.”

  • “When our first child went to My Kindy we were so impressed with the way the teachers got him ready for school, that we had no hesitation in sending our younger son there as well. It is amazing to see how much he is learning. Everyone does a great job.”

  • “Our daughter was really shy when she first started. Now she is outgoing and has made lots of friends. Sending her to My Kindy Shortland was the best thing we did."

  • “I can’t recommend My Kindy Shortland highly enough. I love seeing my children run in each morning to give their teachers a hug. The hardest thing is getting them out at the end of the day as they never want to leave.”
  • “A friend recommended My Kindy to me when I was having problems with my daughter settling in at a different centre. I couldn’t believe the difference. Within two weeks of starting my daughter was asking everyday if she could go to preschool.”
  • “I chose Toronto ELC because it was inviting, clean, organised, friendly and supportive. It is clear that time is spent getting to know each child individually, their likes/dislikes and routines. The quality of care is excellent. The programs provide a large range of social, emotional and cognitive learning opportunities.”
  • “Toronto ELC is a great place. The programs are educational and the care is excellent”.

  • “My daughter absolutely loves coming here. All the staff are very friendly and approachable. I feel comfortable leaving my daughter in their care knowing that she is well looked after.”
  • “I looked around at a lot of centres before deciding on My Kindy Toronto. The facilities are great, the environment very bright and clean, and the staff are fantastic. My children have learnt so much since attending Toronto. Highly recommend it.”
  • “We continually count our blessings at having found a childcare centre that provides such a high level of care, and where we, as parents, are always made to feel welcome.”
  • “As a new mum, I as hesitant to start day-care but after the first few days my daughter started kicking her legs in excitement as we’re walking in the door! She loves it”.
  • We called a few centres to have a look at. From the minute Mel answered the phone we knew this one was going to great. Our son Tamati loves his teachers as we do. They are a pleasure to drop and pick up your children from each day.”
  • “Sienna loves her time at My Kindy Toronto. She has come out of her shell and always has a painting or a drawing or something she has made to show me. It’s great. We both are very happy with the centre and staff.”
  • “Great friendly staff.”
  • “My son has been attending My Kindy Toronto for a little over a year now. In that time it has been amazing to him develop and interact with other children. The staff are always friendly. I highly recommend this centre.”
  • “My son Jackson has been at My Kindy Toronto since he was a baby and I had to return to work. The loving atmosphere of the centre made it an easy transition for us both. He is now 3 and still loves going to My Kindy. He has made great friends and all the staff are fantastic.”
  • “Excellent hours of operation and lovely caring staff.”
  • “All the staff at Riverview have been so helpful and supportive. It takes a village to help raise a child, and they are my village!!”

  • “I really can’t have imagined a better place for our son to begin his ‘formal education’. Lots of love, a little discipline, plenty of playtime, creative projects, encouragement and understanding….time to be a child! You have a dedicated staff and run a top-notch program.”

  • “Riverview ELC has a beautiful atmosphere. It is bright, open, clean and fresh. The staff are genuinely loving and caring towards the children. They are friendly and approachable at all times. Our children thoroughly enjoy each day they at Riverview & have a real sense of belonging.”

  • “My children have developed significantly since starting at Riverview. Their speech and social skills have improved. I believe Riverview has had a direct impact on my children’s development for the good.”

  • “Riverview ELC is a fantastic facility. This is our second child enrolled here and we would not hesitate to recommend the centre to any parent wishing to enrol their child.”

  • “Riverview is like an extended family to Nash. The staff truly care about him, his progress and needs. I feel very comfortable and happy knowing Nash is in safe hands with people he loves and trusts.”

  • “Our children have attending Riverview for over 6 years now. I have to travel a distance to get to the centre, but I know that my children are safe and happy. The staff have always been welcoming, genuine and dedicated to caring for our children. They have always made us feel welcome and I know that the children will have a happy day.”

  • “Since my daughter has started at Riverview she has blossomed both emotionally and academically. I would have no hesitation recommending Riverview to anyone. The staff have been great and are very approachable.”

  • “We chose Riverview for the excellent services and facilities they provide. My kids have had so much fun here and I feel the staff really helped prepare my daughter for Kindergarten.”

  • “Anthony has excelled though his milestones with assistance of the staff at Riverview.”

  • “The centre offers a positive learning environment for all children. The staff are caring and offer opportunities for the children to grow and develop and to reach their full potential.”

  • “I was referred to Riverview by a family member and it has been the best change in day-care. My son is happy and his development has come along.”
  • “Love, love, love Riverview. The staff are amazing!”

  • “Almost the moment I walked in the door to inspect Riverview I could that it was a quality centre. The programs are great and communication back to the parents is excellent. I love knowing what my child has been doing each day when I collect him.”

  • “I chose Riverview as I had heard it was one of the best day-care centres in Newcastle. The staff are very friendly and I have always felt comfortable leaving my son in their care.”

  • “Both my sons attend Riverview and over the last 3 years I have had nothing but great experiences. Each teacher shows devotion and respect for the children and the facilities are great. I would recommend Riverview to everyone!!! 10/10.“

  • “Since my children started at the centre, their speech has improved ten-fold. Before my son started at one year old he was not speaking at all. Now he is two and speaking full sentences. My children have improved out of sight and the staff are fantastic. I would recommend Riverview to anyone.”

  • “I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism and compassion shown by the staff at Heights Kindy - particularly those in the Koala room. When I returned to work I had not left my 1 year old in the care of anyone but family members, yet from the time we met the staff at orientation I felt an implicit trust in them. They happily answered my neurotic questions and kindly managed our baby’s initial separation anxiety. In the months that have followed that have helped manage little behavioural quirks, provided regular feedback on attaining development milestones and provide daily anecdotal stories about the latest funny little thing our toddler is up too."

  • "Like many parents, we chose the Heights Kindy after a recommendation and we are so glad we did. It offers our son a stable, caring environment where he can learn and play. The teachers are wonderfully warm and kind and our son adores them - it makes it a lot easier to have him in care when he is so well cared for."

  • "The staff at Heights Kindy are fabulous warm and nurturing. Which I strongly believe is the best environment for our children to go to learn and grow and interact with other children, make friends and have a great time. It is an excellent facility and extremely professionally run which is great for busy families and parents who trust the capabilities of the centre, team and operation. My son Jake has grown so much since starting preschool at Heights Kindy and we are astounded at how much he has learnt in such a short period of time. We couldn’t have asked for a better centre to send our boy and he loves going to school and talks about Brittney his teacher all the time. We look forward to many more years and being more involved in Jakes and hopefully future children’s development at Heights Kindy."

  • I want to thank you and ALL the My Kindy staff for the care and guidance you have given Georgia as she has moved from Sapphires to Emeralds and then up to Diamonds. Hard to believe she came to you as a little 2 year old! She has loved her time at My Kindy SO much, and you guys have supported her learning and development in so many ways. Not only have you cared for both Georgia and Larissa, you have been incredibly supportive of me also, and for that I am extremely thankful. It’s with sadness that we will say goodbye to you all on Friday 29th. I will be highly recommending My Kindy Shortland as a brilliant educational centre with fantastic programming, friendly caring staff who feel like a family, such a great facility which provides so many opportunities for the kids to grow and learn. Nicole, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you and all the staff.

  • I just wanted to provide you with some feedback after our first "week" at My Kindy Garden Suburb.

    From the moment we met the girls in the Lorikeet room I felt completely at ease leaving Lena in their care. They were intuitive to her needs, especially when she had a meltdown about napping on the first day. LeeAnn cuddled her to sleep and obviously put her mind at ease about sleeping in this new environment. Although she wouldn't go down for her second nap, the girls kept her busy and entertained until we collected her that afternoon.

    On day two I had a wonderful phone call from Renee in the afternoon to let me know that Lena was having a fabulous day, had two good naps, and was happily playing. I really appreciated the call as I had been apprehensive about her naps after the day before. It was so nice to hear she was having another great day!

    On both days we picked up a cheery, content little girl who was happily enjoying one-on-one time with Erika and exploring the room.

    We are so happy with the amazing staff you have chosen to look after Lena and they are a great credit to your business.

    Thanks Lauren and we will see you all again next week.

    Cheers - Elise 

  • I just wanted to send through some positive feedback after what I can imagine has been a very chaotic first week in the Lorikeets room with lots of new crying bubbas to settle J In particular I want to mention Renee who unfortunately was not there for me to tell her this in person when I picked Ariana up on Tuesday afternoon and I also thought it would be nice for you to hear some positive praise about your staff.

    Ariana gets very unsettled in unfamiliar environments and has never been left in anyone else’s care before, so naturally this mumma was feeling very anxious about her first day at My Kindy. After having called twice in the morning to see how Ariana was doing, I assume Renee sensed the anxiety in my voice. So when Renee went above and beyond and took time out of what was a very busy and chaotic day in a room full of new bubbas to call me at work I was SUPER GRATEFUL. She called me to reassure me that Ariana had finally settled into sleep and everything was ok. She took the time to attend to Ariana’s individual needs and gave her cuddles and sang songs to her in an attempt to put her to sleep. Just taking that moment to make that phone call and give me this information reassured me that I have left Ariana in good hands, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH J

    Hopefully Ariana will settle as the weeks go on and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again next Tuesday.

    Kind Regards,


  • What a fabulous report. I am so proud of Zachary and the report from Georgia reflects everything that Mark and I have aspired to since he was born.

    We of course have not done it single handedly. You and your staff at heights Kindy have been a fabulous influence in shaping the great kid he  has become (& continues to be)!

    It has not been all smooth sailing of course but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all and especially Georgia at this time for all the energy and enthusiasm you have put in to all the kids. It is evident that it's just not "a job" and that a lot of your natural love and care for children shows each day I drop and pick Zachary up. He has always enjoyed every day of being in your care.

    He is well and truly ready for his next stage of life and I hope he embraces and loves his next schooling chapter as much as this one!

    He, as will I will miss you all. I wish you all the best now and always!